Southwest Area Council Executive – 2018/19

Southwest Area Communications 2018 – Winners

Junior Speech

1st.  Joy Mayes – Pierson Pathfinders – Work Wanted

2nd.  Merrick Smart – Roseland South Brandon 4-H Club – My Best 4-H Experience

Intermediate Speech

1st.  Isobelle Hobbs – Dand Belles and Beaux – Just a Good  Ol’ Boy

2nd.  Bennett Radcliffe – Goodlands 4-H Variety – The True Father of Modern Electricity

Senior Speech

1st.  Ethan Radcliffe – Goodlands 4-H Variety – Cartology

2nd.  Janelle Eastman – Hartney 4-H Club – Evaluation of Style

Junior One Person Visual

1st.  Dawson Cruickshanks – Poplar Hill 4-H Club – Let Me Tell You About Lizzie and Ginger

2nd.  Peyton Dougall – Westman Horse Club – George

Intermediate One Person Visual

1st.  Alysa Remillard – Souris 4-H Challengers – One Direction

2nd.  Lucy Boynton – Lenore 4-H Beef Club –  Yummy Scrummy In My Tummy

Senior One Person Visual

1st.  Avery Smart – Roseland South Brandon 4-H Club – Reff It Up

2nd.  Rae-Lynn Halstead – Poplar Hill 4-H Club – (topic N/A)

Junior Two Person Visual

1st.  Nia Smith & Autumn Smith – Westman Horse Club – Canoe Tripping

2nd.  Sarah Meggison & Dylan Radcliffe -Goodlands 4-H Variety – Our Japanes Sisters

Intermediate Two Person Visual

Amber Remillard & Brett Remillard – Souris 4-H Challengers – Do You Know Where You Come From?

Senior Two Person Visual

Justin Breemersch & Kyle Breemersch – Dand Belles and Beaux – The Bitter Truth