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Alberta Senior Members’ Conference

February 2-4, 2018 – Edmonton
Two Manitobans (aged 15-20) will join 4-H Alberta members at this conference
(Registration fee: $400)
This weekend will give senior 4-H members the chance to meet and connect with fellow 4-H’ers from across Alberta who are in the exact same position you are – they are preparing to transition into life after high-school. Whether headed off to post-secondary, to start a career or embark on a trip, you probably don’t really know what to expect or how you are going to balance it all. Speakers, sessions and activities, chosen and designed with input from Alberta’s Ambassadors who themselves have just completed that phase of their life, will leave you feeling better equipped for what lies ahead. Plus, you’ll have a whole network of new friends to lean on throughout the process.

4-H USA National Conference 

April 7-12, 2018 – Washington, DC
One Manitoban (aged 16-19) will join up to nine more Canadians for this American conference
(Registration fee: $600)
The USA National 4-H Conference is the premiere civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members across the U.S., Canada and globally. Participating 4-H Canada members will put their newly developed and refined skills into practice in a real world setting.  Conference delegates choose an important societal topic and in round table groups prepare a formal briefing.  Briefings are presented to U.S. federal officials around the Washington, D.C. area.

In addition to the conference activities, 4-H Canada delegates have a chance to tour Washington and visit some of the nation’s fabous cultural political sites, including the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol Hill.

4-H National Citizenship Congress 

May 1-6, 2018 – Ottawa
Seven Manitobans (aged 16-21) will participate as part of 60 Canadian delegates at this conference
(Registration fee: $400)
The 4-H National Citizenship Congress will deepen 4-H members’ understanding of governance and public policy, is an opportunity for them to nurture their communication skills and expand their horizons as they discover what it means to be Canadian in the nation’s capital. Workshops will culminate with the annual debate where 4-H members will construct insightful arguments, and practise skills of persuasion and public speaking.  Ultimately youth will learn more about Canada, its government and themselves.

The theme for 2018 is Global Citizens.  Programming will explore what it means to be a global citizen, to be aware of the wider world, and the values of diversity and equality.  Members will examine Canadian contributions, our impacts on the world, and lots more!  The Citizenship Congress will take place at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Ottawa.

Alberta Intermediate AIM Camp

August 2018 – Edmonton
Two Manitobans (aged 12-14) will join 4-H Alberta members at this conference
(Registration fee: $400)
What interests you and what are you most passionate about? You can choose the type of skill sessions that you want to participate in while at AIM. Then, over the course of six days, you’ll dive right in, each session helping you to discover what motivates you and further ignites your passion. Find out what makes you dig deeper and reach further than you ever imagined you could. Doing things at AIM like forging your own path to discovery, figuring out how to navigate the low ropes course, conquering a life-sized board game or deciding how to spend your free time are all things which make every camper’s AIM experience unique and special. Come to AIM and get just as much out of it as you put into it.

Application Form Here: 2018 AIM Camp

4-H Canada Members Forum 

November 21-25, 2018 – Regina
Seven Manitobans (aged 16-21) will participate as part of 70 Canadian delegates
(Registration fee: $400)
In keeping with the tradition of our longest running conference, this year will incorporate a visit to the Canadian Western Agribition.  The theme for this program will be related to the Environment & Healthy Living Leadership Development Pillar.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Members may apply, and be selected, to travel more than once in the same year (or in their 4-H career), however, priority will be given to members who have not travelled.
  • Achieve in the 4-H year of travel application.
  • Completed at least two years in the 4-H program (i.e. be in 3rd year as a member).
  • 4-H club fees paid to Manitoba 4-H Council.

Eligible & Interested:

  • Submit completed application form with photo by (TBA)
    • Complete Application attached.
  • Prepare for an in-person interview (date and location to be confirmed) or by phone or Skype at the discretion of the Selection Committee.
  • If selected, Registration Fees must be paid on request.


Application Deadline – Now Closed