Eastman Area Council Executive – 2017/18

Club to Club Exchange Opportunity

WHAT IS IT?  An amazing travel opportunity for intermediate and senior members….A club to club exchange!!  Members of the Springfield Shooting Stars and Steinbach Sizzlers clubs will partner with members from the Irishtown, New Brunswick area (near Moncton) for a week of adventures in each province this summer.

DATES:  To be confirmed, but will fall within these travel windows:

1)  July 2-11

2)  July 19-28

AGES:  Members must be at least 12 on July 2, and no older than 17 on August 15

COST:  $150 per member to register, plus $25 baggage fee in each direction.

Group activities for participating members and their exchange twins will be covered by fundraising efforts, but families will have to pay for additional parents or siblings who choose to come along.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Approximately 8 days in each province.  Participating members and their exchange twins will be expected to attend all group activities.  Assuming one day for travel on each end, that leaves seven nights at home, plus six full days.  While in Manitoba, we anticipate planning group activities on three of those days, plus one “community service” project.  The rest of the time will be “family days” for the individual families to spend with their twins, and the only main rule is that there must always be an adult to supervise at all time, even at home.

We also expect to have at least 2-3 meetings before the exchange.  There is a small research project that needs to be done by our group before the trip, to learn about a specific place or historic event in their community, which they will then take our kids to visit.  We will also have to plan some fundraising events to cover the above-mentioned activities.

LOCATIONS:  Most of the fundraising, community service, and group activities will take place in the Steinbach & Springfield areas, or in Winnipeg.  “Family days” can be spent on activities in a location of your choosing.

THE CATCH (you knew there would be one coming):  Deadline for us to submit a finalized list of names is next Monday, February 19.  So I would be looking for a definite commitment by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18.

I am putting this out there in the hopes that we will find enough 4-Hers by the end of the week to fill up at least nine or ten spots so we can match up a twin for each member from New Brunswick.  (Currently we have six confirmed members) Since we don’t want to go through a selection process at this late date, we are offering these spots on a first-come, first-served basis until they are filled.  While I realize this doesn’t offer much time to ponder the opportunity, we do require a firm commitment at this time.  Once we’ve submitted our list of names, there is an online registration process that participating members will be required to complete, and then begins the matching process.  At that point, it would be unfair to everyone involved if someone was to back out, because it could put the whole exchange at risk.

I’m sure this email barely scratches the surface of potential questions, so please let me know if I can answer any more, preferably by phone.  Just let me know the best number to reach you at, and what would be a good time to call.  Thanks in advance for considering this opportunity, either for your own kids or someone else in your club.  Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Kristine Penner

Springfield Shooting Stars