Eastman Area Council Executive – 2017/18

Southeast Beef – Registration Night

October 25, 2018 – 7:00 p.m. at the Grunthal Firehall

The cost to register is $85.00.  This is open to anyone aged 8-24 and each member will need to complete a project animal (steer or heifer).

Eastman Area Communications 2018 – Winners

Junior Speech

1st. Ryan Andres – Southeast 4-H Dairy Club – All in Favour

2nd. Brook Turick – Piney 4-H Cl0vers – Facts About Tigers

Intermediate Speech

1st. Lydia Andres – Southest 4-H Dairy Club – The Order of Things

2nd. Hope Rinas – Stony Ridge Riders – The Joys of Living With Boys

Senior Speech

1st. Tori Penner – Springfield Shooting Stars – From Gate to Plate

2nd. Isaac Boonstoppel – Southeast 4-H Dairy Club – Need Sleep

Junior One Person Visual

1st. Hunter Paseska – Stead Settlers – Adventrues in Fishing

2nd. Bobbie Prevost – Piney 4-H Clovers – Moons of the Night

Intermediate One Person Visual

1st. Isaac Wolfe – Steinbach Sizzlers – The History of Lego

2nd. Charlene Walker – Anola Northern Lights – Got Scraps?

Junior Two Person Visual

1st. Kali Brambilla & Alexis Lukinuk – Springfield Shooting Stars – (name of presentation not available)

2nd. Brooklyn Smetana & Xaris Verhoog – Piney 4-H Clovers – All About Dogs

Intermediate Two Person Visual

1st. Mandi Schroeder & Mariah Shroeder – Woodmore Combined 4-H Club – Not a Doctor at All

2nd. Ethan Bolin & Cole Turick – Piney 4-H Clovers – Nerf or Nothing!

Senior Two Person Visual

Judah Chepil & Dawson Molinski – Anola Northern Lights – DC vs Marvel