Eastman Area Council Executive – 2019/20

Eastman Area 2019 Events

Junior and Intermediate members ages 9-14 will look forward to laser tag adventure in late February, more details to follow. Cloverbuds event is a work in progress for a bricks for kids in late January-February, more details to follow.       

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Eastman Area Communications 2019 – Winners

Junior Speech

1st.    Liam Driedger – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Venezuela

2nd.  Alexndre Gregoire – Steinbach Sizzlers – Bombardier

Intermediate Speech

1st.    Georgia Friesen – Steinbach Sunset Riders – A Gift That Keeps Giving

2nd.  Francis Penner – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Funcuality Issues of the                                                                                                 English Language

Senior Speech

1st.    Rachel Lukinuk – Springfield Shooting Stars – The Dying Breed of                                                                                                       Broke University Students

2nd.  Lydia Andres – Southeast Dairy – Bless You

Junior One Person Visual

1st.    Liam Driedger – Steinbach Sunset Riders – How to Win a Faceoff

2nd.  Myah St. Laurent – Steinbach Sizzlers – This is MY Game!

Intermediate One Person Visual

1st.    Isabelle Prevost – Piney Clovers – Disney Princesses

2nd.  Abby Manness – Anola Northern Lights – Endurance Racing

Senior One Person Visual

1st.   Tori Penner – Springfield Shooting Stars – The Role of the Dice

2nd.  Marie Maynard – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Saddle Up

Junior Two Person Visual

1st.    Bevan Tuttosi-Wanke & Jack Leppelman- Steinbach Sizzlers – Need                                                                                                                                        Space

2nd.  Willa Dowse & Lauren Klassen – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Unicorn of                                                                                                                                the Sea 

Intermediate Two Person Visual

1st.    Andrew & Tyler Reimer – Steinbach Sunset Riders – 4.2 Clean

Senior Two Person Visual

1st.    Sabrina Burnell & Meagan St. Laurent – Steinbach Sizzlers – Your High                                                                                   School Educators on Education 

2nd.  Allegra Grang & Victoria Walker – Anola Northern Lights – Top                                                                                                                                         Count