Eastman Area Council Executive – 2019/20

IMPORTANT: Eastman Area Communications 

Due to current health concerns, Ecole Saint-Joachim and the DSFM have made the decision to cancel all facility rentals for the near future. 

Unfortunately, Eastman Communications scheduled for Saturday, March 14th has been suspended until further notice. 

This is a dynamic and evolving situation, we will continue to monitor official sources of information and will specifically reach out to all families should the status of our programs change. The health, safety and security of our youth members, leaders and families remains our number one priority. 

For more information on COVID-19, please consult the Government of Canada’s website.

Eastman Area Gold Watch Applications

Open to all Senior Members within the Eastman 4-H Council Area.  Please carefully read the application and send completed applications to the address below:

Eastman Gold Watch

c/o Margaret Walker 681 Willow Ave Oakbank MB  R5N 0N5

Completed applications MUST be received by March 9, 2020

Note that you may choose:

  • to be interviewed; or,
  • to include handwritten replies, to 4 of the Suggested Interview Questions included in the attached application, with your completed application.

Those who choose to be interviewed will be contacted by March 16, 2020.

Date(s) and location(s) of award presentation(s) depend on recipient(s) selected and will be announced.  

Please click here for more information and the application form.

Eastman Area Communications Suspended

The Eastman Area 4-H Communications event will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 1 p.m. at Ecole St. Joachim in La Broquerie.  The storm date is Saturday, March 21, 2020.  Please note that indoor shoes are required. 

Eastman Area 2019-20 Events

Cloverbuds event is a work in progress for a bricks for kids in late January-February, more details to follow.   


For registration, click here.  For waiver form, click here.

For registration, click here.

For registration form, click here.

For registration, click here.


Eastman Area Communications 2019 – Winners

Junior Speech

1st.    Liam Driedger – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Venezuela

2nd.  Alexndre Gregoire – Steinbach Sizzlers – Bombardier

Intermediate Speech

1st.    Georgia Friesen – Steinbach Sunset Riders – A Gift That Keeps Giving

2nd.  Francis Penner – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Funcuality Issues of the                                                                                                 English Language

Senior Speech

1st.    Rachel Lukinuk – Springfield Shooting Stars – The Dying Breed of                                                                                                       Broke University Students

2nd.  Lydia Andres – Southeast Dairy – Bless You

Junior One Person Visual

1st.    Liam Driedger – Steinbach Sunset Riders – How to Win a Faceoff

2nd.  Myah St. Laurent – Steinbach Sizzlers – This is MY Game!

Intermediate One Person Visual

1st.    Isabelle Prevost – Piney Clovers – Disney Princesses

2nd.  Abby Manness – Anola Northern Lights – Endurance Racing

Senior One Person Visual

1st.   Tori Penner – Springfield Shooting Stars – The Role of the Dice

2nd.  Marie Maynard – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Saddle Up

Junior Two Person Visual

1st.    Bevan Tuttosi-Wanke & Jack Leppelman- Steinbach Sizzlers – Need                                                                                                                                        Space

2nd.  Willa Dowse & Lauren Klassen – Steinbach Sunset Riders – Unicorn of                                                                                                                                the Sea 

Intermediate Two Person Visual

1st.    Andrew & Tyler Reimer – Steinbach Sunset Riders – 4.2 Clean

Senior Two Person Visual

1st.    Sabrina Burnell & Meagan St. Laurent – Steinbach Sizzlers – Your High                                                                                   School Educators on Education 

2nd.  Allegra Grang & Victoria Walker – Anola Northern Lights – Top                                                                                                                                         Count