Red River

Red River Area Council Executive – 2020/21

Morden Achievers – Achievement 2020

Morden Achievers 4-H Club found a unique way to celebrate their year.  Please click here to see their accomplishments.

Red River Area Communications 2019 – Winners

Junior Speech

1st.    Jaron Johnston – Graysville Light Horse – What Was Missing

2nd.  Ayla Dufresne – Headingley – Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Intermediate Speech

1st.    Aidan Tully – Headingley – My First Time

2nd.  Brianna Bruce – Miami Activity – Out With the Old, In With the New

Senior Speech

1st.    Hayley Enns – Morden Achievers – Bad Advice

2nd.  Taylor Carlson – Elm Creek Beef – Cattle Pasture in Brazil

Adult Speech

1st.    Laura Didyk – U of M Future Leaders – It’s About Time

2nd.  Katelyn Dyck – Morden Achievers – Rising or Falling

Junior One Person Visual

1st.    Kierra Mosset – Starbuck Combined – Smoothie Sensation

2nd.  Callie Thiessen – Plum Coullee – Devon Rex

Intermediate One Person Visual 

1st.    Kieran Wood – Headingley – Metal Detecting

2nd.  Hailey Klassen – Winkler Trailblazers – The Equestrian Task

Junior Two Person Visual

1st.    Isabella Albert & Kennedy Serpa – Sagehill Stables – Health and Care of Horses

2nd.  Kendal Baron & Daisy Uhres-Todd – Headingley – Big Sister = Big Job

Intermediate Two Person Visual

1st.    Naomi & Luca Scharf – Headingley – Crave It

2nd.  Brooklyn Hamm & Teegan Klassen – Winkler Trailblazers – Air Plant Investigation

Senior Two Person Visual

1st.   Tayah Vanstone & Phoebe Riddell – Miami Activity – The Due Date is Not the Do Date

Adult Two Person Visual

1st.   Magdalena Melnychuk & Brittany Pankiw – U of M Future Leaders – Myths of the Dairy Industry