4-H Projects

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Choosing a Project

Pick a project that suits you, then, learn by doing!

The first step to take when planning your 4-H year is to pick a project. Learning new skills, making things and visiting places with friends are all a part of a 4-H project, so pick one that you like the most.

These questions might help you pick a project that’s just right for you:

  • What do you like to do at school?
  • What are your hobbies and favourite books?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What have you seen at a 4-H display that looked like it might be fun to do?

After you’ve answered these questions, look through the projects listed in this guide and circle the ones that you might like to do. Don’t forget about Create-A-Project! It lets you pick what you like to do and make a project that is made to fit your needs.

Think about the projects that you have circled. Do they match what you can do? Do you have the time, money and equipment available to finish the project?

Talk to your parents and your 4-H leader. They can help you choose a project that matches what you want to do and help determine what equipment, time and skills you will need to complete the project.

Have You Heard of CoCoRaHS?

4-H Manitoba and CoCoRaHS have partnered to give you a great Citizen Science opportunity and a NEW project: “Discover CoCoRaHs – Tracking Precipitation and Weather project”. Click here for links to videos and more information!

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network is a non-profit, grass-roots volunteer network of weather enthusiasts of all ages, who measure & map precipitation data daily. Who benefits? We all do! CoCoRaHS data is used by farmers, flood & drought forecasters, meteorologists, conservation, engineers, city planners, airports, and even mosquito control.

Your family or 4-H Club can make a big difference…

Precipitation is important, and can be highly localized. The saying, “Rain Does Not Fall the Same On All” is all too true! There is a need for more hyper-local weather monitoring and data on all forms of precipitation across  Manitoba. With community involvement, we can stay a step ahead of severe weather events and lessen its damaging effects … and even help save lives.

How can you help?

SIGN UP (either individually or as a club) to be a volunteer precipitation reporter today!

A citizen science initiative like this is a great way to get young people all across the province learning and engaged in their environment, and conscious about issues like watershed management, and conservation.

All CoCoRaHS members are provided with training and supplied with an official CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge to measure precipitation.

For more information on the origins of CoCoRaHs program check out this  video: or visit us at: