Adult leaders are critical to the success of the 4-H program. Helping your own child and others can be incredibly rewarding.

Here are some things to know if you are interested in being a project leader:

  • There is no registration fee and no formal training is needed. Leaders should have some skill and knowledge in the topic area of the projects they lead and a desire to work with youth.
  • Leaders are provided with a Leader Guide that works with the member project manuals. They contain the information and lesson plans needed to teach project skills.
  • There are opportunities to network and learn throughout the year.
  • The time commitment will vary depending on the project and number of members involved. At a minimum, a leader would guide members through the required 15-20 hours of project work. Giving additional time is at the discretion of the leader.
  • Group size is at the leader’s discretion and depends on the number of members interested in the project topic.
  • Leaders are responsible for the final evaluation of a member’s project. Leaders decide if the member met the minimum project requirements and learned the skills outlined in their manuals.
  • Leaders are screened in accordance with the Manitoba 4-H Council Youth Protection Program (YPP), Commit to Kids and Youth Safety at 4-H in Canada.

To become a leader, please contact a local 4-H club or Manitoba 4-H Council.


There are many ways to get involved with 4-H Manitoba at club, area, and provincial levels.

  • Do you have specific skills that you can teach to members or leaders?
  • Would you enjoy judging communications events or project displays?
  • Would you like to help organize an event or sit on the scholarship committee?

Contact your local club, area council or Manitoba 4-H Council to volunteer.

  • Are you interested in being a Manitoba 4-H Council Board Member or a 4-H Foundation Trustee?
  • Or do you know someone who would be a good candidate?

Contact Manitoba 4-H Council for more information.