Welcome to 4-H Manitoba

4-H is an international youth and volunteer organization. It’s a program that provides members with the resources and activities to build self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills while learning about a topic of their choice.

Each member picks a project and works with a volunteer leader to develop his/her skills related to the project of choice. In Manitoba there are over 80 interesting hands-on projects like beef, photography, outdoor living, machines, crafts and more!

Beyond projects there are also club activities, provincial events and travel opportunities where members can meet new people, build friendships and have fun!

Today, 4-H clubs in Manitoba are driven by thousands of 4-H members and volunteers, plus a strong partnership with Manitoba Agriculture.

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MISSION “Building leadership in youth and adults through unique practical experiences.”

VISION “4-H: A vibrant program blending tradition and innovation for a quality experience.”

Featured News

The 4-H Pledge is getting an update, and here’s why

The 4-H Pledge is getting the addition of “…and my world” at the end to better reflect our promise as 4-H’ers to commit our head, heart, hands and health to the world around us. While we still pledge our four H’s to our club, community and country, we recognize the impact we as youth leaders are having on the world around us. Please click here to read 4-H Canada’s press release.

To read the new Pledge and learn more about its update, visit 4-h-canada.ca/pledge.

Provincial 4-H Manitoba Food Challenge Results

4-H Manitoba Food Challenge Finals took place on Saturday, June 8th at Prairie Oasis Senior Centre. We had six junior teams competing and they made mini cheeseburgers in a Pillsbury Biscuit with Potato Salad on the side.  We also introduced a Roadblock – one member had to wear oven mitts for 2 minutes and continue to chop, stir or possibly peel eggs while the other member sat on a chair and coached them.  The intermediate competition also had six teams competing and they made meatball skewers with Pico de Gallo on the side.  The Roadblock for the intermediates was Puppet Arms – one member stands behind the other, slips their arms in front of their teammate and continues to prepare their dish.  The other member must stand without using their hands but can help by giving instructions. Please click here to see the winners of the competitions.

The Food Safety Connection – Club in Good Standings

Here is the link for the Safe Food Handling Course which we have provided in the Head Leader Binder.  Any leader or member may take this course to help your club be a club in good standing. http://www.ciphi.mb.ca/FSC.html  The course takes about 20 mins to complete.  NOTE:  Due to aging software platforms, some users may experience compatibility issues and problems printing out a certificate at the end of the quiz.  If this occurs, simply send an email to the Food Safety Connection coordinator at ciphi@mts.net along with the correct spelling of your name and an electronic copy will be provided to you within 1-3 business days.