North Parkland

North Parkland Area Council Executive – 2019/20

North Parkland Area Communications 2019 – Winners

Junior Speech

1st.   Thomas Allen – Prairie Mountain Beef – About My Mom

2nd.  Avery Scott – Dauphin Plains – My Trip to Mexico

Intermediate Speech

1st.   Nia Devonald – Rorketon Variety – Tuberculosis

2nd. Talia Iwanchysko – Dauphin Plains – The Power of a Message

Senior Speech

1st.  Toni Koshowski – Dauphin Plains – The Best Kekpt Secret

2nd. Jessica Vanbuekenhout – Spruce Creek – The Future

Junior One Person Visual

1st.   Riley Mullen – Grandview Variety – My Dream

2nd.  Austin Popowich – Rorketon Variety – Why Every Ranch Should Have a TMR Mixer

Intermediate One Person Visual

1st.   Raylyn Koshowski – Dauphin Plains – Archie

2nd.  Kieran Livingston – Pine River – Trapping

Intermediate Two Person Visual

1st.  Jolie Richmond & Kelty Morrison – Rorketon Variety – BBBE

Senior Two Person Visual

1st.  Alex & Oksana Iwanchysko – Dauphin Plains – Sweet Dreams