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Canadian Western Agribition Team Judging Competition 2019

4-H Manitoba would like to enter a judging team at Canadian Western Agribition 2019. Members need to be between 17 and 21 years of age.  Hands-On training will be provided to the team members prior to the competition.  If you would like to apply be on this team, please contact Shannon at or 204-573-4829

Volunteer Required: Senior Member Event Committee Chairperson or Co-Chairs

4-H Manitoba’s 5th Annual Senior Member Event will take place in Brandon from October 18th to 20th, 2019. At the event 75 senior 4-H members will take a project that involves a combination of leadership building activities, speakers and hands-on learning in a specific area of interest, like foods, welding or coding. M4HC is searching… Read more »

Volunteer Required: Aspiring Intermediate Member Camp Chaperone

Every summer, M4HC sends two deserving Intermediate members to the Aspiring Intermediate Member (AIM) Camp hosted by 4-H Alberta at the 4-H Alberta Centre near Edmonton. This year, the camp will take place from July 28th to August 2nd. We are looking for an Adult 4-H Member aged 18 to 25 to travel with the… Read more »

Provincial Leaders Conference (PLC) – Committee Members Needed

The PLC planning committee is looking for more leaders to join the group. The committee will choose the topics the leaders will learn about, which speakers will be booked and the fun activities everyone will take part in. These decisions will be made through conference call meetings. If you have some great ideas for PLC,… Read more »