Show Your 4-H Colours on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Celebrate the positive impact 4-H’ers are making in their communities this November 7th on Show Your 4‑H Colours Day! There are several ways to get involved – wear green, share photos online using #ShowYour4HColours and submit your 4-H story at Show the world what 4-H means to you!

Canadian Landmarks are lighting up green this Show Your 4-H Colours Day

Show Your 4-H Colours Day is November 7 and more than 25 national landmarks and local buildings across the country will be lighting up green! Gather your friends and take photos beside these 4-H green monuments.
Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ShowYour4HColours and tagging @4HCanada in your posts. Visit to see the list of landmarks and to see more ways you can get involved!

Please click here for M4HC’s letter of invitation which you may present to members of your community asking them to light up their landmarks/buildings.

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