Congratulations, Emily Robb!

Emily will be heading to Abu Dhabi Sept. 21-28, 2019 as part of the Canadian team attending a world science exposition, Milset ESI 2019. It is non-competitive but she will be with 2,000 international science students showcasing their projects and hometowns.

KAP Farm Safety Tips

The second seat on a tractor is designed solely as an instructional seat and is not for ride-alongs. This seat is for training and educational purposes per the operator’s manual.  Keep children safe by not having them with you while operating machinery. Make sure your cell phone is on your person when you get off your tractor or piece of equipment. If you get into difficulty (for example, caught up in machinery), you can call someone for help.  A cell phone left in the cab does you no good.

Fundraising Opportunity

The Wheat City Whiskey Jacks baseball club has an opportunity for non profit groups to sell 50/50 tickets at their home games.  Eight to ten people would be required, and your group would receive 50% of the ticket money raised.  If your club is interested in this opportunity, please contact

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