Brandon MB – July 2016 – Manitoba 4-H Council Inc. is excited to announce that, as of September 1, 2016, we are assuming a greater role in the administration and delivery of the 4-H program.  Through consultation with Manitoba Agriculture, the Council is now responsible for club, member and leader support, 4-H Area Council program support, member and leader records and volunteer screening.

“It is terrific that Manitoba 4-H Council will be responsible for a bigger role in the delivery of the program.  As a past 4-H member, I am always reminded of the skills 4-H provided and I am honored to be part of an organization which continues to offer these skills to youth in Manitoba,” said Carlie Whetter, President of Manitoba 4-H Council Inc.

Manitoba 4-H Council Inc. identified the opportunity to assume more responsibility for the program and has prepared for this transition through board development, strategic planning and increased staffing.  Manitoba Agriculture’s position in supporting the 4-H program continues in the areas of project and resource research and development, technical project expertise and training as well as financial support to Manitoba 4-H Council.

“This is an important step forward for 4-H in Manitoba, and one that reflects our shared commitment to building leadership and capacity among rural organizations,” said the Hon. Ralph Eichler, minister of Manitoba Agriculture.  “We are a proud supporter of their work and it will be exciting to watch the organization flourish in the future with these new roles and responsibilities.”

Along with the transition, the Manitoba 4-H program is expanding to offer new projects, programs and opportunities to better serve our members and leaders. In keeping with the national 4-H leadership development pillars and the extended member age range of 6-25 years, Manitoba 4-H Council Inc., 4-H Canada and Manitoba Agriculture continue to collaborate to provide positive youth development programming.  As a result of innovative programming, most recently under the themes of Science and Technology and Environment and Healthy Living, provincial membership increased by more than 5% during the 2015-16 4-H year.

“Our team of passionate volunteers and dedicated staff will ensure that 4-H continues to thrive in our province. We are excited about our enhanced role in developing youth in leadership roles,” added Carlie Whetter.

For more information about the Manitoba 4-H Council Inc. and the opportunities ahead please contact the office at 204-726-6136 or e-mail Executive Director Clayton Robins at

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