4-H Manitoba and Peavey Mart continue to work together to ensure the second annual 4-H Days fundraiser is safe and successful.  Donations made through the Peavey Mart campaign support the development and delivery of provincial resources from 4-H Manitoba that impact programming at the local level.  Prefer to do your shopping online?  We are VERY excited to announce Peavey Mart has added a donation feature to their online shopping site!

Following the in-store event, Peavey Mart will host a social media campaign from August 31 through September 6, 2020.  Peavey Mart will MATCH donations raised for 4-H Manitoba through the social media platform, up to a maximum of $600.  Peavey Mart will have a draw for a $200 Peavey Mart Stores gift card for anyone who donates (those who donated either online or in-store will be able to participate as well).  For more info, please click here.

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