We are gearing up to start planning the Senior Member Event -SME (will run October 19th to 21st in Brandon) and the Provincial Leaders Conference – PLC (will run October 20th and 21st in Brandon). Each committee is looking for leaders to share their time and ideas on monthly conference calls and help out at the events.

Committee members for the Senior Member Event usually also serve as chaperones for the event.

Senior Members who would like to serve as Event Ambassadors at the SME are also welcome to apply and will be asked to participate in committee calls and lead some group activities at the event.

The committees will be responsible for the following:

  • To develop inclusive, educational and fun programming for the event
  • To plan, organize, deliver and evaluate the event
  • To work within the event budget approved by M4HC
  • To convene by call or in person on a regular basis (as determined by the Committee) to discuss matters related to the coordination of the event and to make decisions as required
  • To set goals for the continuation or replacement of the event

Please let Courtney Newton know by Friday, April 27th which committee you would like to be a part of by emailing cnewton@4h.mb.ca.

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