Posts By: Linda McRae-Walker

FCC 4-H Club Fund – Application Deadline – October 31, 2019

Through the generosity of Farm Credit Canada, $100,000 is available in grants of up to $500 for eligible 4-H clubs and areas. You can use those funds towards programs, exchanges, and more. Visit to learn more and apply today!

Youth Service Leaders – Hands to Larger Service

The community service projects through the Hands to Larger Service program have been taking place through July and August.  4-H Manitoba has two members involved in this program.  Jazmine Lukinuk travelled to BC July 22 – 25 and Greg Penner travelled within Manitoba July 3 – 6, to BC July 25 – 28 and to… Read more »

Manitoba Rural Women’s Day 2019 – October 19 & November 2, 2019

Learn and share on the topic of “Women Showing Courage, Determination, Boldness”. Saturday October 19: Oak Bluff, Manitoba – Oak Bluff Recreation Club and Saturday November 2: Brandon, Manitoba – Sokol Hall.  For more information please visit