2017 Provincial Communications Extravaganza Results

Submitted by Julie Labossiere

Communications Chairperson, Manitoba 4-H Council

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at the CanadInns, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 82 4-H members participated in the Provincial 4-H Communications Extravaganza. These members had risen to the top through a series of competitions from club level to area levels across the province.

Members competed in the following categories: Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult Speeches, Junior, Intermediate and Senior One-Person Visual Presentations, and Junior, Intermediate and Senior Two-Person Visual Presentations.  An awards reception and presentation followed each competition session.

Approximately 450 people attended the Provincial Communications Extravaganza. Thank you to the committee volunteers – Julie Labossiere and Courtney Newton – as well as the judges and other volunteers for a job well done.

While all competitors did a fabulous job, the following members were acknowledged for their outstanding speeches and presentations. The winners, their club, Area and speech title are as follows:


Junior Speeches

First:                Kiera Johnston            Graysville Light Horse & Pony 4-H Club – Red River              From Joy to Jasper

Second:           Emily Schwartz           Interlake Trailblazers – North Interlake                       The Mountain That Moves

Intermediate Speeches

First:                Rosemund Ragetli      Headingley 4-H – Red River                          A Smothering Blanket

Second:           Isobelle Hobbs            Dand Belles and Beaux – Southwest             Sorry 

Senior Speeches

First:                Tori Penner                 Anola Northern Lights – Eastman                 The Snowflakes

Second:           Adam Izzard               Alexander 4-H Club – Southwest                  Taking Our Time

Adult Speeches

First:                Katie Meggison          U of M Leaders – Red River                           Minimalism

Junior One Person Visual

First:                Carson Baker              Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef – South Parkland                           Cow Pie Cookie

Second:           Tyson Ricard               Mariapolis-Baldur 4-H Club – Pembina                                    Sorry

Intermediate One Person Visual Presentation

First:                Cole Topham              Minnedosa 4-H Multi Purpose Club –  South Parkland         What’s In Your Hole

Second:           Emma Gamache         Laurier Lucky Charms – North Parkland                                   Becoming a Better Me

Senior One Person Visual Presentation

First:                Tessa Warkentine      Winkler 4-H Trailblazers – Red River                                       How to Get In-Valved

Second:           Leila Robinson             Roseland-South Brandon – Southwest                                     Hiragana

Junior Two Person Visuals

First:            Talia Iwanchysko and Raylyn Koshowski        Dauphin Plains 4-H Club – North Parkland       Our Game of Life

Second:       Natalie Chubaty and Kayleigh Gross               Woodmore Combined – Eastman                        Eh?

Intermediate Two Person Visuals

First:                Dean Ricard and Jada Ricard                  Mariapolis-Baldur 4-H Club – Pembina         Millennial Vice

Second:           Avery Smart and Merrick Smart           Roseland-South Brandon – Southwest           Gear Up!

Senior Two Person Visuals

First:                Emily Simon and Megan Simon          Souris 4-H Challengers – Southwest      Stayin’ Alive

Second:           Talyia Tober and Tansy Tober            Lakeside Beef – North Interlake              Conscious Consumption                                   


Special thanks to our sponsors for their generous support.

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Click here for photos from the competition!

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